Valentine’s Day Snowflake Waffles

by Tim
Valentine's Day Snowflake Waffles

Valentine’s Day is today (woohoo!). If you’re celebrating the day with someone special then start it off right with a homemade breakfast. The homemade snowflake waffles recipe is great because it doesn’t take a lot of work and tells that special person in your life that you really do care about them. If you don’t have someone to enjoy the day with than treat yourself to this hearty breakfast treat.

In all honesty, when I was in my teens and early 20’s I hardly ever had breakfast (YIKES!). I never felt hungry in the morning. I usually have a snack between 9:30 am and 10:30 am to hold me over until lunch. I was never one of those big breakfast fanatics.  Now that I’m an adult I realize how important breakfast is to start the day off right. During the week I usually stick to a bowl of cereal or sometimes fruit and nuts. On the weekends I do tend to splurge.

A couple of Christmases ago I asked for a waffle maker. I was always fascinated by the process and I wanted to give homemade waffles a try. Well, my Mom delivered and now that waffle maker is a staple in my kitchen (link to the waffle maker I use is below). When I’m making a homemade breakfast I usually incorporate waffles in some way because they’re just so good.

When you’re making the snowflake waffles it’s really all about the presentation. The first thing you’ll do is preheat your waffle maker. Set your waffle maker to the appropriate temperature based on how light or dark you like your waffles. As the waffle maker heats up, prepare the waffle batter. I’d suggest picking a batter that says something like “waffle mix” on the outside of the box just to be sure you get the best results. Follow the directions on the waffle mix, prepare and pour enough batter in the waffle maker to coat the bottom but leave it 1-2 inches away from all sides. This trick will give you the ridges around the waffle that make it look like a snowflake. Close the waffle maker lip and wait until the batter is set. Repeat adding the waffle batter to the waffle maker until you’re out of batter. Next stack the waffles on a plate.

To give the waffles a little more pizazz add sliced strawberries to the top of the waffle stack in the shape of a flower. In the center of the flower shaped strawberries add a raspberry. Serve the waffles with your favorite maple syrup. I also presented my waffles with some conversation heart inspired cutouts that I found at Michaels.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

What are you making your Valentine? What are you making for yourself if you don’t have a Valentine? Let me know in the comments below.

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