The Best Spooky and Delicious Halloween Treat Ideas

by Tim
Bat Sugar Cookies

At this time of year the candy corn is overflowing, the pumpkins are carved, and all the scary movies are on repeat. In honor of this wonderfully dreadful occasion I’ve created a couple of spooky and delicious Halloween themed treat recipes for your enjoyment!

I love, love, love Halloween. I’m not exactly sure why I fell so deeply in love with Halloween but it’s one of my all time faves. My fascination started at a very early age. What I found most fun was dressing up as someone else for a day. One year I was a Vampire, then a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, then a Power Ranger, and for many years I was a clown. Now that I’m older I love seeing all the kids dressed up.

It’s funny, as an adult Halloween sneaks up on me each year. At the beginning of the month it seems like I have so much time to prepare but then the weeks fly by and before I know it I’m buying tons of candy from Target and staying up late to watch classic Halloween movies. When it comes to movies I’m a total fan of Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. I actually just went to see the new Halloween 2018 movie and it put me right in the spirit. Oh, and let’s not forget Hocus Pocus. There’s just something about this movie that gets me amped up for this spooktacular occasion. I love the scene where the Sanderson sisters sing, “I Put a Spell on You.” Amazing!!

I’m posting up recipes to Halloween themed treats I’ve created just for you. I hope you enjoy this list and keep checking back for future updates. If you make any of the recipes below please share your creations!

Best Halloween Treat Ideas:

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